Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day from Debt

More and more alarming statistics are emerging about how much debt we are all swimming in these days. The number of seniors on fixed income visiting food banks is dramatically increasing. A recent story in USA Today's Money section is a wake-up call for all of us. Here's the link:

On this independence day weekend it's important for all of us to relook our finances, particularly our spending habits and how we pay for what we use or need.

The unstable economy is bringing to the forefront just how irresponsible we have been in this country with regard to money and what is and is not important. We all have a part in this mess we find ourselves in from living beyond our means to not voting and allowing our public offices to be hijacked by figure heads that primarily support special interest groups.

So, here's what we need for our independence:

- responsible spending
- saving for our retirements
- voting in an informed and responsible manner
- teaching our children how to do the same.

I will be highlighting a number of sites and books in the coming months that will help each of us pursue a more financially and personally responsible future.

Happy Independence from Debt Day and Year!