Sunday, December 7, 2008

Adjusting to Uncertainty

Wanting snap solutions and quick fixes are unfoturnate impacts of all the success in America from the past several decades. From the microwave oven to the internet, we now expect to get what we want when we want it, and believe me I get it. This is also a behavior that has contributed to the recent economic turmoil. The real culprit - impatience!

Well, we all need to overcome our collective anxiety about having everything at once and start doing the things that bring us long-term success and that means changing certain behaviors. But change is hard and nobody knows this better than me. I've been through change after change throughout my entire life but in some ways that has helped me keep my head above water. I crave stability. I crave waking up to the known each day and I'm getting closer to that as I navigate a recent personal loss. BUT - I don't want stagnation. I'm seeking a balance between too much change and not becoming stuck in a rut. I feel closer to this than any other time in my life.

I have been working with a therapist to balance out my life, especially since I had a traumatic jolt to my life earlier this year. My life literally turned upside down and I wasn't sure what or where my future would be. I was so devastated that I couldn't sleep and after three days of not sleeping I begged my doctor to prescribe medication. I was catatonic and it was affecting my work, my relationship with my daughter, with myself and my life. Thankfully I only needed this medication for a few weeks but I'm so glad I reached out for help.

As a result of this traumatic jolt I am now on my own and have to fend for myself. It's been difficult and it will be difficult for awhile but I have hope and I have a future. I grew up in very difficult times and in a very difficult childhood so I know that I can survive adversity but it's also because of this challenging childhood that I ended up preparing myself for the unexpected situation in which I now find myself. The roads of my life are now all merging and it's proving to be interesting and uplifting, even if it has been gut-wrenching and painful.

Well, I have and I will continue to survive. I know it in my gut. I also know in my gut that the economic situation, as bad as it is, will improve eventually. BUT we all need to make some changes. We need to learn what we can about the current situation and what got us here. My next blog will address five things to do to prepare for the future. Until then, take a deep breath, economize and if you still have a roof over your head, count your blessings. I do - each and every day!